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Are you looking for a scientifically proven treatment for neuropathy with a greater than 80% success rate without surgery or pills? At Advanced Medical Centers, we are offering an exciting new treatment for neuropathy called CET (Combined Electrochemical Therapy). As you might guess from the name, CET is a combination treatment using local nerve blocks in conjunction with electronic cell signaling with the state-of-the-art RST Sanexas neoGEN electrotherapy machine. After a course of CET, patients experience significantly less nerve pain, improved sensation, better balance, and overall improved quality of life.


Step 1

The nerve blocks contain both a local anesthetic (similar to Novocain) and a blend of vitamins & nutrients. The anesthetic component of the injections reduces pain, promotes muscle relaxation, and increases blood flow to the region. This results in increased local circulation and improved absorption of the micronutrients. The vitamin component of the injection blend provides a much-needed direct nutritional boost to the peripheral nerves. By injecting these nutrients directly into the regions where nerves are damaged, we circumvent any limitations imposed by malabsorption or poor circulation.

Step 2

The RST Sanexas system uses an advanced digital signal generator to produce therapeutic electrical signals that stimulate your body on a cellular level without being invasive or causing discomfort. Unlike traditional transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy, the RST Sanexas device delivers both low- & medium- frequency signals that are modulated by a proprietary algorithm. The benefit of the RST Sanexas system is that it has the ability to affect your nerve cell membranes and the surrounding tissue to produce harmonic resonant vibrations that promote repair and healing of damaged nerves and blood vessels. Think of it like a piano tuner striking a tuning fork next to your piano to tune it. The piano strings will vibrate when it is correctly tuned to the right frequency. This is one of the ways the electrical impulses sent from the RST Sanexas device affect your nerve cells so they can start the healing process & regenerate nerves.


"I have had chronic headaches for the last 12 years and he is the only person that's been able to give me some relief. Today we did the SPG block and my headache went away completely!"
Taylor K.


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