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How the Knee Pain System Works

The team at Southwest Family Medical in Mesa, AZ recognized a true need for a leader in non-surgical knee pain treatment that didn’t involve painful surgery or pain medication.

Instead, we provide a state-of-the-art treatment that’s FDA-approved and uses the latest advancements in minimally invasive treatments to provide long-lasting pain relief.

The treatment is known as the Knee Pain Relief Program – a 5-step treatment that uses injection-based therapies, rehabilitation, and other techniques to provide relief from knee pain.

Innovative. Non-Surgical. Effective Knee Pain Treatment

Our 5 Step, Knee Pain Relief System

Step 1

Reduce Pain And Inflammation Rapidly

To effectively treat any joint, we must first reduce the swelling in the area to clearly identify the root of the pain. Using advanced cold laser therapy, our team works to provide a rapid reduction in pain, allowing the patient to relax and be in the right frame of mind for therapy. The laser then works to reduce inflammation, making the joint more susceptible to treatment and begin the repair of scarred and damaged tissue.

Step 2

Increase Joint Space

Using our proprietary joint decompression therapy, we work to open up the knee joint and relieve the painful bone-on-bone feeling that causes so many of our patients to seek our help. This process improves circulation and brings oxygen to the knee joint, allowing for healing to begin.

Step 3

Injection Therapy

Guided with advanced imaging technology, our medical team administers an injection that works to lubricate the knee naturally. The lubricant, which is 100% natural, reduces inflammation as well as reduces friction within the knee joint itself. Our patients note an immediate reduction of pain and an increase in their mobility during this process.

For some patients, we offer alternative injection therapies that include growth factors to promote accelerated healing. We do not use steroid injections – which can damage the tissues forever. Because of this, our knee pain system can be repeated several times.

Step 4

Bracing & Support

Proper alignment of the knee joint is so critical when treating knee pain – and that’s why it’s a big part of our entire process. Our team works with each patient to assist with gait training, joint mobilization and ongoing therapies. We will then evaluate and strategize on the need and benefits of long-term bracing. When done correctly, bracing can be extremely effective in unloading and redistributing pressure off the worn areas of the joint.

Step 5


Our team of medical experts work together to create an individualized strengthening program for each patient. These strengthening treatments can be done at home or with our staff in our rehab and training facility. With a program designed for each patient, the exercises focus on the patient’s specific area of need producing substantial results. Our goal is to get you back to the active lifestyle you love and deserve!


Our practice was founded on a singular vision: to help relieve unnecessary pain experienced by the people in our community. At Southwest Family Medical, we provide an alternative to surgery that has helped patients end their suffering from knee pain.

Our knee pain program is a multi-step protocol that uses the highest level of state-of-the-art medical technology and processes to diagnose, treat, and relieve knee pain by strengthening the surrounding tissues, lubricating and providing relief within the knee joint itself.

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